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About me

As an experienced, self-motivated, dedicated, passionate and driven educator and United States Soccer Federation (U.S.S.F.) nationally licensed soccer coach, with 2 years of classroom teaching experience, as well as, high school coaching experience, 4+ years of soccer coaching experience at the Youth Academy/Club/ECNL/Academy levels,  that was acquired while working as a staff member of the FC Dallas MLS team, with a total of 15+ years of soccer playing experience, 9 of those years were dedicated to playing for the well-known and highly respected Challenge Soccer Club on the Challenge 86/87 A team. During which time my team played solely in the top ranked league division 1 premier league, which at the time was solely made up of the top ranked teams from all across the state of Texas. Since I can remember soccer has pretty much been my life and the love of my life.


However, it wasn’t until later on in my mid to late 20s that I discovered my passion for coaching the game of soccer. There’s nothing I enjoy more or that I love doing more than simply teaching the game of soccer to youth players. Taking great pride in being able to utilize everything I’d learned throughout my soccer career and provide the players with it. Giving them a greater advantage of being able to reach their max potential during their youth player development years, giving them the opportunity to become a very well-rounded and diverse soccer player. That’s not limited to where they can play or what they can do on a soccer field. Completing the program fully prepared and ready to start and maintain a successful soccer career at the next level. Regardless of how short or long the period of time they spend playing the game, I want them to have a memorable and enjoyable experience that not only teaches them about the game, but that introduces them to the true beauty of the game and just how much fun it is to play.


I recently came across the listing for the position and after reviewing all of the information I was quite intrigued by such a great opportunity. I believe that my background and experience would make me an ideal candidate for the position. To give you a brief summary of my background, experience and education: I played club soccer for the 3rd ranked club in country, Challenge Soccer Club. I was ranked as one of the top 11 recruits in the state of Texas. I decided to accept a full ride athletic scholarship to the University of Houston, so my parents could attend most of my games. I ended up turning down full ride scholarships from: USC, FSU, LSU, Baylor, University of Michigan, Sam Houston, SFA and numerous others. College playing career was cut short due to issues with my IT bands which took a huge toll on my knees. I have obtained the following soccer coaching licenses: USSF D License, USSF E License and the USSF F License. I’d definitely love nothing more than to continue my soccer education, so that I am able to have access to, obtain and learn as much knowledge as possible when it comes to the game of soccer, in order to provide the players with a solid, highly respected and proven soccer player development program that is not only well structured, but engineered for success.

Below I’ve listed a few of the soccer coaching abilities I possess:

  • Ability to teach and instruct a high level of competency in soccer, in other words a complete player that is effective performing anywhere on the field. Excellent knowledge of technical skills, such as dribbling moves, passing, bending kicks and finishing with the ability to demonstrate and teach using both the left and right foot.
  • Exhibits the highest professional standards, ethical behavior, and respect with regard and adherence to league rules and regulations including good rapport with referees. Outstanding leadership skills with tremendous potential to produce winning results. Competent developing team spirit, pride and dignity stemming from a professional training environment.
  • Ability to recognize players’ weaknesses and strengths and provide methods for the player to improve upon their weaknesses. I believe some individuals have inherent talent but it’s rare. I believe more in dedication and hard work. With a little encouragement those of us who are willing but not necessarily inherently talented can find excellence. Able to effect change in a player’s character, outlook, and attitude for example helping players who have a “fixed mindset” into adopting an ”growth mindset”.
  • Capable of developing and designing customized training sessions for a single player and the entire team. String training and supervising skills not excluding the value of proper stretching, conditioning and strength training. Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with student-athletes, staff, alumni, and parents with mutual respect and appreciation.

With my prestigious soccer playing background, previous classroom teaching experience, national soccer coaching licensure, quality soccer coaching experience and education, I strongly believe that I will prove to be an extremely valuable asset to any program I end up deciding to join with.