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Hello! My girlfriend and I have both been on unemployment since March after losing our jobs due to the Pandemic and are currently looking for an opportunity for some seasonal work in a different state. We both have many years of applicable and diverse experience and are hoping to find a place that we can both work and stay in for a couple of months as long as the season is needed and potentially more. I have my own transportation and am a hard and motivated worker willing to put in long hours.


  • 2019 - 2019
    Self Employed

    Landscape Manager

    Managed 2-3 day laborers in completing semi-large landscaping projects
    Worked with and to help team member performance to meet client deadlines and
    Adapted daily plans according to weather, staffing levels and client needs to
    maintain excellent client satisfaction and adhere to timelines.
    Delegated labor tasks to workers daily, taking into account
    personal skill levels, daily targets and necessary condition adaptations

  • 2018 - 2019
    Golden Dome Market

    Night Manager

    Supervised team of 3-6 front desk agents and helped to resolve issues
    arising during shifts.
    Trained new employees, demonstrating best methods for serving
    customers and guests.
    Shared best practices for sales and customer service with other team
    members to help improve store\’s efficiency.
    Answered product questions with up-to-date knowledge of sales and store
    Handled all customer relations issues pleasantly, enabling quick resolution
    and client satisfaction.
    Completed all point of sale opening and closing procedures, including
    counting contents of cash register.
    Maintained outstanding store conditions and visual merchandising

  • 2016 - 2018
    Maharishi University of Management

    Social Event Planner for Student Life Department (Federal work study at College)

    Enhanced collaboration between team members by preparing meeting
    materials and taking clear notes to distribute to workers
    Interacted with business partners professionally by phone, email and in-person to
    provide information and direct to desired staff members.
    Kept physical files and digitized records organized for easy updating and
    retrieval by authorized team members.
    Arranged meetings for student life workers and coordinated resources for
    use by all attendees.
    Managed multiple projects simultaneously using organizational and
    analytical skills.
    Supported student life staff on special assignments, including event
    planning and community outreach projects, through cooperation and action.

  • 2015 - 2016
    Everybody\'s Health Foods Market


    Helped customers complete purchases, locate items and join reward
    programs to promote loyalty, satisfaction and sales numbers.
    Answered questions about store policies and concerns to support positive
    customer experiences.
    Processed POS transactions, including checks, cash and credit purchases
    or refunds

  • 2014 - 2015
    Bloomfield Party Rentals

    Party Rental Associate

    Identified and resolved process issues to encourage smoother procedures,
    more efficient workflow and overall business growth.
    Worked with individual customers to understand requirements and provide
    exceptional customer service.
    Worked with 2-3 man team in delivery of party rental project requiring close
    cooperation among members to share information and develop solutions to
    meet broad array of deliverables.
    Complied with safety and hazardous material handling, storage regulatory
    requirements and internal procedures affecting business operations.