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About me

I’m a friendly, kind, and creative person. I like to stay busy and have a positive outlook of any situation. I get a lot of satisfaction in doing my best when I’m working a job.

My boyfriend and I have been on unemployment for a couple months due to the pandemic and are currently looking for seasonal work in another state that we can do for a while in order to get out and make paycheck again. Ideally, we’re looking for a place that we can both stay and work at. We have our own transportation and are trustworthy, reliable, and self motivated with a wide array of diverse skills and experiences.


  • 2019 - 2020
    Heavenly Haven Pet Sanctuary

    Animal Caretaker

    Kept animals clean and free of contaminants to promote optimal health.
    Cleaned and sanitized animal areas, including managing laundry and
    collecting waste.
    Maintained clean and organized boarding areas to promote animal
    Restrained animals safely during exams and procedures.
    Followed all pet care instructions, including dietary needs and medication

  • 2019

    Cake Decorator

    Carefully sculpted figurines, decorations and floral designs using fondant
    icing and hardened sugar.
    Accurately packaged and priced each product according to Hyvee‘s pricing
    Decorated pastries and cakes quickly and precisely by organizing and
    prioritizing each task.
    Precisely arranged display cases throughout workday to highlight finished
    Maintained sanitary food prep station by following established safety
    procedures and sanitizing instructions.
    Worked with customers to define cake vision based on color, theme, size
    and price.
    Handled phone calls regarding inquiries, cancelled orders and ordering
    Weighed, boxed and wrapped bakery products.
    Kept work area safe and sanitized by washing utensils, tools and

  • 2018 - 2019
    Maharishi University Of Management

    Event Coordinator

    Evaluated existing plans, processes and events planning services to
    identify opportunities for improvement.
    Enhanced client satisfaction ratings by scheduling on-site service requests,
    managing show logistics and booth functionality needs to meet demands.
    Recommended workflow and budget improvements, resulting in % savings
    per event.
    Limited workflow downtime by troubleshooting critical issues with trainers
    and consultants.
    Solicited feedback from clients to assess event success and uncover
    opportunities for improvement.
    Coordinated schedules and timelines for all events

  • 2015 - 2017
    Ink addiction

    Tattoo Artist

    Consulted with clients to discuss preferences, styles and ideas for
    Proper Disinfecting tattooing areas and sanitation.
    Training in blood borne pathogens and first aid courses.
    Trained in tattooing styles and technique

  • 2016 - 2017


    Counted cash in register drawer at beginning and end of shift.
    Restocked, arranged and organized merchandise in front lanes to drive
    product sales.
    Assisted customers by answering questions and fulfilling requests.
    Answered questions about store policies and concerns to support positive
    customer experiences.
    Checked bills with counterfeit pens and examined coins to spot and refuse
    foreign currency.
    Mentored new team members on customer service strategies and sales
    Performed shift change tasks each day to keep store efficient and neat.
    Protected customers by washing and sanitizing dishes, glassware and
    silverware after each use.
    Fast and efficient work throughout the day